Reserve de France ®

For centuries, French Oak has been a popular choice for good reason. It strikes a perfect balance between durability and style. Exceptionally beautiful, this historic wood species was once used extensively in the finest castles and estates in Europe. Today, we are able to combin e Old World Techniques with the latest technology to bring the beauty of French Oak floors to any design space. French Oak is synonymous with high quality, extreme durability and exceptional beauty.

Reserve de France ® is committed to use French Oak exlusively cause this wood is characterized with a fine, less pronounced grain, and a warm, golden color that easily accepts stain - making it an ideal choice for a variety of treatments. With a Janka hardness rating of 1360, French Oak can withstand the wear and tear of every day traffic, while bringing an elegance that complements any home décor style.

Our expert craftsmen utilize the most advanced techniques to create the most memorable hues and textures in each of our French Oak Collections. From fuming, to brushing, to treating with cements and chalks, each finishing technique is designed to create exceptional beauty in your hardwood floors. Finally, in line with a long-standing European tradition, we finish each plank with a 100% plant based, completly safe and environmentally friendly Woca Oil® to preserve and enhance to wood's natural beauty.

From the Forest to your floor

Reserve de France ® Hardwood flooring receive the upmost attention to detail throughout every step of their creation. We have direct relationships with National forests in France , and giving us access to the highest grade French oak lumber and allowing us to hand select each log that your floor is crafted from. From there, each board of your new  floor is hand crafted to a high standard in Reserve de France. Every individual log we use can be traced back to responsibly harvested and verified sources from French sustainable forestsIn these certified forests, selective cutting is the manner to harvest logs without destroying the forest.

The logs are "live sawn" in a horizontal manner only. After cutting, the boards are naturally air dried for 12 to 24 months. Before production into wide planks for flooring, the planks are slowly kiln dried for 30 days for added stability and to bring the moisture content to indoor levels. At this production time, we also use the high tannin content of the French Oak to accelerate the aging process to give different natural colors to the flooring plank without using any artificial coloring or stain.

Step 1
Tree Selection

Selecting the trees matters in terms of getting less color variation and higher tannin content......

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Step 2
Cutting & Grading

The trees are only harvested when they are fully mature after 150+ years. The harvesting is done by select, unobtrusive cutting...

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Step 3

The blades on the profiling saws use electronic and laser systems that produce incredibly accurate edges for a perfect fit. Further assurance of the precision of your floor....

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Step 4

The finished planks then go through a quality inspection and are checked for color, texture, finish, size and correct interlocking capabilities....

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